The overall ability of a company to meet its goals and objectives is reflected in the on-going procedures and processes necessary to fulfill customer delivery commitment. The supply chain from order to fulfillment is critical to not only maintain customer service but to validate and determine the cash flow requirements of the company. By reviewing the key functional areas of the business and determining what gaps, if any, exist between expected and actual standard operating procedures, there is the opportunity to develop the appropriate actions that close the gaps and provide the foundation for improved process and profitability – both adding value to the company.

The key results include:

♦  Detail and Summary Gap analysis between target and actual standard operating procedures

♦  Key points of data and information sharing necessary to meet customer commitments

♦  Assessment of strengths and weakness within the operation including such areas as order processing, scheduling, cash management, fulfillment and management reporting

♦  Key sources of management reporting as to the performance of the company and recommended approaches to improve overall reporting

♦  Assessment of existing key performance indicators and the ability of the standard operating procedures to identify variances and implement corrective actions

♦  Recommended approach and process for identifying and prioritizing critical initiatives.



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