Aligning the organization with the strategic direction of the company is only one aspect of an organizational assessment. It extends to the strengths and weakness of the key management and operational team. In many acquisitions, growth, or strategic business changes organizations are faced with the challenge of retaining culture and values while still aligning with those changes in strategy necessary to meet future goals. As part of the organizational due diligence process, as in operational due diligence, the results are focused on building upon strength and minimizing exposure to weakness. The organization must be reflective of the strategy and is a key component to making change transparent to the customer.

The key results include:

♦  Identification of key components of the organization relative to aligning with customer fulfillment strategies

♦  Identification of key organizational gaps including risk assessment associated with key positions and potential vacancies within these positions

♦  Recommended organizational approach relative to potential consolidation of facilities, functions and/or operations

♦  Assessment of existing standard operating procedures relative to personnel performance goal setting and measurement

♦  Evaluation of sales compensation strategies and plans

♦  Assistance in evaluating, developing and implementing a balanced scorecard approach to aligning all management, operational and reporting functions toward corporate strategies

♦  Recommended training and leadership development strategies to help in any form of growth or transition.



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