Strategic Planning

For organizations looking to leverage opportunity there is a need to formalize their growth strategy and to ensure that the existing culture, history and commitment to service are not sacrificed for the sake of growth. It is also critical that the infrastructure from corporate, regional and divisional perspectives continue to maintain the financial return expected by the stakeholders.

Pebble’s approach to strategic planning is a three step process that helps organizations turn opportunity into actions.

♦  Establish a Target Operating Model that incorporates the ultimate direction and results the organization wishes to achieve

♦  Determine through a comprehensive assessment process an objective and realistic view of the current organization, infrastructure, technology and financial situation

♦  Develop the action items and strategic plan, through a well-planned and facilitated retreat, that closes the gaps between the current assessed environment to reach the Target Operating Model.


Pebble has the experience and professional team to help you optimize your organization and to bring what many believe are dreams into reality.

Our Strategic Planning Process:



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