Now more than any other time, organizations rely on technology to provide the foundation for meeting customer expectations and overall organizational performance. With the growth of Internet and Intranet as a basis for productivity improvement, it is critical that the IT infrastructure is aligned to meet and support corporate strategies. This includes internal operational and financial reporting, B2B and B2C support, use of back office and legacy information systems, supply chain and customer fulfillment systems and management reporting. For many companies, the Internet is a marketing tool and a reflection of its culture and commitment to quality. It is important that the appropriate mechanisms are in place to support the future as well as to maximize the consumer experience when interacting with the company and where technology is the bridge.

In many instances where growth includes acquisition and potential consolidation, migration to a consolidated IT approach is essential to complete the integration.

The key results include:

♦  Assessment of current IT strategies and systems relative to meeting management key requirements

♦  Potential and existing gaps between current process of systems and planned strategic direction

♦  Assessment of risk associated with backup and data retention procedures and policies

♦  Assessment of the IT infrastructure relative to supporting company current and future needs

♦  Assessment of documentation, reference material and license compliance

♦  Assessment of current IT strategic plan and its’ alignment with corporate strategies

♦  Review and assessment of IT budgets, contracts and financial commitments/exposures

♦  Recommendations for multiple system migration and conversion particularly as a result of acquisitions where multiple systems are being utilized

♦  Assistance in the evaluation, selection and implementation of new systems.



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